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I hereby authorize the veterinarians of the Winchester Animal Hospital to perform the approved procedure(s) on my pet along with any additional diagnostic and/or treatment procedures as deemed advisable or necessary for my pet. I understand that any additional procedures may increase the final cost. I understand that the hospital requires that all pets have a recent physical examination, be free of all parasites, and be current on vaccinations. I realize that there is always risk when anesthetics and other medications are used if surgery is performed. I understand that results can not be guaranteed. The Winchester Animal Hospital has medical staffing: Monday through Friday 7am - 6pm and Saturdays 7am - 5pm. Sundays as needed. If the doctor feels it is necessary, you will be asked to take your pet to the Veterinary Emergency Center for overnight care.
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If my pet is here for an illness or injury, and the doctor feels it is necessary for the diagnosis of my pet. I am authorizing the following: (required)

Laboratory work - I am aware that it could be between $60-$200
X-rays - I am aware that radiographs could be between $200-$325
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Payment is due when pets are picked up from hospital.
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